The Date Map Project is created purely for entertainment and storytelling purposes.  

You can register on the Date map project under your own name or any pseudonym. Date Maps uses the Mapotic map service, and by registering, you also agree to Mapotics terms of service. You may also publish your stories completely anonymously, by filling out this form. When making an anonymous contribution, entering your email address is optional, and will be used only for the editors to contact you with questions.  

Please try to keep the details of the story general, making sure to not divulge any specific details when it comes to names and private locations. We aim to offer the same anonymity to the charaters of the story that we do our writers.

We reserve the right to make changes in your submission. These changes will primarily be for the purpose of guarantying the anonymity of the characters in the submission, and editorial edits to match the tone.

If you find any story on this site that you believe violate these terms, or that you would like to see removed for any other reason, you can click navigate to the story and click the “Report place” link. To give an explanation to why it should be removed or edited, please email hello ( at )